What happened?

About What happened these days with the site… well the answer is very simple, we have been under a negative SEO attack by our competitors (from Ukraine & Vietnam according to the reports)

It is funny and in the other hand is good, because it is a signal for our job providing always the latest docs for you, so keep enjoying the latest releases for your repairs.

Thank you very much for your support!

The NotebookSchematics Team


Xinzhizao Patched client for PDF Download

Now with this patched client of Xinzhizao you can SAVE pdf files to your pc and open them offline 
Version: 2.5
Language:  Global
File size: 1.90MB
Demo Video
Note: Chinese version removed (Offer Finished)

Important Notes:

1) You must have a VIP account in wmdang if you need access to VIP FILES

2) This Patch is for Download & Save the PDF files (decrypted) to your pc, giving the chance to open with your favorite pdf viewer/editor in offline.

3) Some PDF Files have passwords, we provide a list with them, and if the password it is not in the list we can provide a valid one.

4) If Wmdang update the tool, we provide you the updated patch if you choose lifetime updates.

Special Thanks to the patcher ELMULITO for choosing us for this special and exclusive release!!!

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