Win 3 Months of Corporate Membership with a Rare Schematic & Boardview

Welcome to our First Seeking Contest!

Do you have Schematic & Boardview for Quanta WJ5 (Leon) DA0WJ5MB6E0 / DA0WJ5MB6F0? OK!  just Contact us and WIN 3 month of Corporate Membership 😉

PS: Remember to win this contest you must have Schematic & Boardview, if somebody have Schematic and other have only the boardview file, the prize will be 3 months of Technician Membership for both.

To make it clear:

Schematic & Boardview = Winner (3 Months of Corporate Membership)

Schematic Only = Winner ( 3 Months of Technician Membership)

Boardview Only = Winner ( 3 Months of Technician Membership)

So you always Win with NotebookSchematics!!!

The NotebookSchematics Team


About HP Schematics

Dear visitors, it is our duty tell about the laptop schematics for HP. It is hard to say but we cant provide you documentation because they are  NOT an eco-friendly company, they have strong politics with the documentation and the contract expire date for drawers even for old models. We really sorry but it is not in our hands.

To make it clear, they are collaborating with the electronic waste, so make the difference and sell your HP and buy a laptop from Lenovo, Acer, Dell or another eco friendly company.

The NotebookSchematics Team


P.S: Do you work for HP? Great! contact us and tell us it is a lie, and begin to help people with broken hp laptops and no schematics for repair them…


Important Notices

11/20/19 – Corporative Membership Released!
11/21/19 – Companies with Gold Membership upgraded to Corporative Membership!
02/04/20 – Every purchase ($10+) receive a 15% Discount Code!
08/07/20 – Guest users can purchase any VIP I & II content for $50 (with Cryptos only)
08/11/20 – Important Discounts for Memberships until 1st Oct!

What happened?

About What happened these days with the site… well the answer is very simple, we have been under a negative SEO attack by our competitors (from Ukraine & Vietnam according to the reports)

It is funny and in the other hand is good, because it is a signal for our job providing always the latest docs for you, so keep enjoying the latest releases for your repairs.

Thank you very much for your support!

The NotebookSchematics Team