BoardDiag 2014 – Unbrick hard bricked LG G3, G3 Vista and other LG Smartphones

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     Tool for Unbrick hard bricked LG SmartPhones in Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 and Test Emmc. Compatible Models (Qualcomm & Mediatek): AS985, D150, D153, D157, D160, D165, D170, D175F, D180, D280, D285, D315, D317, D320, D325, D329, D340, D370, D373, D375, D380, D385,D393, D395, D400, D405, D410, D415, D505, D610, D618, D620, D621, D622, D624, D631, D722, D723, D724, …

LG G3 Service Manuals with Schematics and PCB Layouts MEGA PACK

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   All these 32 service manuals includes: -Schematics -PCB Layouts -JTAG definition -Disassemble method -Flash methods -Etc Format: PDF (Rar) File size: 1.38GB Price: $49.99