HP ENVY SleekBook 6 1000 Series Schematic & Bios Dump – Compal QAU51 LA-8731P Schematic & Bios Dump

LA-8731 QAU51QAU51 Schematic
Schematic & Bios (EC & MAIN) Dump for HP Envy SleekBook 6 1000 Series laptop/ultrabook, Compal QAU51 LA-8731P mainboard.
Rev: 0.1
Total Pages: 43
Format: RAR
File size: 4.99MB
Price: $15

Dell Alienware 15″ / 17″ Schematic – Compal “Echo 15″/17” LA-B751P / LA-B753P Schematic

LA-B751P Schematic
Schematic for Dell Alienware 15″, Dell Alienware 17 laptop/notebook, Compal LA-B751P, Compal LA-B753P mainboard.
Model Name: Echo 15 17 Nvidia
BOM P/N: 4319UA31L01 / 4319UA31L02 for NV – 4319UB31L01 for AMD
Rev: 0.1(X00)
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 69
File size: 3.39MB
Price: $11

HP Pavilion 15 F-XXXXX Series (AMD) Schematic – Quanta U99 Schematic

DA0U99MB6C0 SchematicNotebookSchematics.com
Schematic for HP Pavilion 15-F014WM, HP Pavilion 15-F162DX, HP Pavilion 15-F215DX, HP Pavilion 15-F100DX, HP Pavilion 15-F014DM laptop/notebook, Quanta U99, DA0U99MB6C0 mainboard.
Tag: DA0U99MB6C0
HP P/N : 785442-501
Rev: 1A
Format: RAR
Total Pages: 33
File size: 1.92MB
Note: Remember you need the latest version of Adobe Reader to use this document.
Note 2: Thanks to Osvaldo Cordoba Cianferoni from Argentina for Schematic/Motherboard Identify
Price: $13