Xiaomi MI 12 Schematic & Silkscreen

Schematic and Silkscreen for Xiaomi MI 12 Smartphone
Format: PDF
Tag: 3540L3AM0B, 35100L3P2A, 35200L3M0A_RF
Total Pages: 126
File size: 5.28MB
Note: This also include Subboards Schematics & Silkscreen (Fixed)
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Wistron Schematics Collection Pack #21

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15925 Starlord Sensor Schematic
16507 San Mateo Wyse Schematic
16561-1 San Bernardino Schematic
17852 Starloard RR FPS Schematic
17859-SA Bucky WHL Schematic
17910 PINEHILLS KBLR A00 Schematic
17A81 Starlord Schematic
17A83-X02 Bucky N5 IO SCH Schematic
17B85-X02 Bensolo IO SCH Schematic
17B86-SB Bensolo Sensor Schematic
17B91-A00 Bucky-V Io Sch Schematic
18440-1 ZFP MonGoose Schematic
18769-SB WASP 13 CS Schematic
18774-SC MB Rowdies X01 Schematic
18778-1 Mantis CML A00 Schematic
18780-SE MK FIRCREST 13 Schematic
18812-SC Selek CFL N18E A00 Schematic
18825-1 Selek CFL N18P N17P Schematic
18831 Red Hawk WHL Rev A00 Schematic
18831 Red Hawk WHL Rev X02 Schematic
18835 19749 Stradale Daughter BD Schematic
18835 19749 Stradale KB DB Schematic
18A86 VGA Rowdies VGA Board X01 Schematic
18A87 Rowdies IO Board Schematic
18A88 CAC Rowdies CAC Board X01 Schematic
18B96 MantisIO A00 SCH Schematic
19707-SB Bandon NorthBay MLK 13 2019 Schematic
19707-SC Bandon NorthBay MLK 13 CMT Schematic
19709 19746 19775 19812 Mockingbird CML UMA DVT2 Schematic
19709 19746 19775 19812 Mockingbird_CML DIS DVT Schematic
19711-SB MockingBird-H A00 20200211 Schematic
19711-SB Mockingbird-H DVT2 Schematic
19717 Pinehills MLK WHLU A00 Schematic
19721 HellCat13 CML SB 20191031 Schematic
19721-SA Hellcat13 CML SB Schematic
19722 Hellcat15_Upsell CML N17S-G3 Schematic
19732-SC Hellcat Renoir Amd Schematic
19749-SB Stradale N18P DVT1 Schematic
19753-1 Selek MLK N18E A00 Schematic
19765 Nakia Shuri N7 A00 Schematic
19765 Nakia Shuri N7 X01 Schematic
19773-SC Shuri CML x02 Schematic
19780 Mockinbird-L KBL A00 Schematic
19785 19789-SB HellCat ICL Schematic
19795-1 Selek MLK N18P A00 Schematic
19802 MK Selek AMD A02 NAVI10 Schematic
19817 Southpeak 13 TGL DDR4 Schematic
19819 SP15 TGL EVT 2020 04 24 Schematic
19827 HellCat 13 TGL A00 Schematic
19843-SA Cyborg N7 RTX Schematic
19844-SA Cyborg N5 GTX Schematic
19852 Mockingbird AMD A00 20200429 Schematic
19861 19862 mockingbird TGL A00 20200801 Schematic
19880-1 Moonknight A00 NVL TGL Schematic
19A10 Red Hawk WHL KBBD X02 Schematic
19A11 Red Hawk WHL X02 Sensor Schematic
19A12 Red Hawk WHL X02 IO Schematic
19a68-sb Shuri IO BD Schematic
19A75-SC Hellcat15 Upsell Sensord BD Sch Schematic
19A76 MOckinbird CML IO SCH A00 Schematic
19A76 Mockingbird-h dvt2 IO Sch Schematic
19A79 Mockinbird V19A79-1 Schematic
19a80 mockingbird n19a80 Schematic
19A89-sc hellcat14 icl io A00 Schematic
19A90 Nakia IO BD Schematic
19A97-SC Hellcat15_19A97 Schematic
19B31-1Hellcat 15 Upsell SensorBD X02 Schematic
19B37-SB Cyborg14N IO X01 Schematic
19B37-SB Cyborg14N IO Schematic
19B37-SB Cyborg15N IO Sch Schematic
19B37-SB Cyborg15N X01 Schematic
19b49 HellCat13 TGL SENSOR SCH Schematic
19B49 Hellcat13_TGL_U Schematic
19B54 LED BD SOuthPeak LED X01 Schematic
19B54 LED BD Schematic
203000 203076 SB Watchmen Cyborg AMD Schematic Schematic
203005 Broadmoor15 QN20 20201028 Schematic
203005 BroadMoor15 TGL H A00 Schematic
203005 Broadmoor15 Schematic
203027 A34 SIT Schematic
203031 A34S Schematic
203040 Broadmoor15 UMA 2020 Schematic
203040 Broadmoor15 UMA Schematic
203061 Broadmoor15 QN20-P1 2020 Schematic
203061 Broadmoor15 QN20-P1 Schematic
203101 SouthPeak 13 MLK ADL DDR4 2021 05 19 02 Schematic
203101 SouthPeak 14 MLK ADL DDR4 2021 05 19 Schematic
203102 Southpeak15 MLK X00 2021 05 19 Schematic
203127 Odin13NV ADL X01 20210806 Schematic
203128-SC ODIN_MX ADL X01 20210805 Schematic
203131-SA ODIN ANTMAN AMD Schematic
203506 USH BD Schematic
203506 USH Schematic
203506-1 USH Schematic Schematic
203510 Sensor BD Schematic
203510 Sensor Schematic
203510-1 Sensor Southpeak13 Schematic
203513 8L SC Cyborg15 IO Sch Schematic
203591-1 Led Broadmoor15 Schematic
203591-Sa Broadmoor15 LED 20200901 Schematic
203593-SA Broadmoor15 LED 2020 Schematic
4PD0H7010001 Selek15 IO BD Schematic
4PD0MB010001 SouthPeak 15 CML A00 Schematic
A34_SVT Schematic
A6 19727- Schematic
Cy14V_203518-SB Schematic
Cyborg ICL UMA Schematic
Cyborg TGL RTX IO Board Schematic
Cyborg TGL_1415NVL_A00 20210114 Schematic
Cyborg_TGL_1415_NVL X01 RedDriver 20201015 Schematic
Dell Inspiron 7405 amd 19732-1 19732 HellCAT Renoir AMD X01 Schematic
Dell Inspiron 7506 19828-1 19828 15_Upsell TGL Hellcat Schematic
EVT SouthPeak 13 TGL DDR4 20200422 Schematic
EVT SouthPeak 13 TGL DDR4 Schematic
Hellcat ICL SA 20190917 Schematic
MOckingbird CML UMA A00 Schematic
Mockingbird CML UMA A03 20200112 Schematic
Mockingbird N&V ICL DVT1 20191002 Schematic
Mockingbird_CML_A00 2020 01 12 Schematic
N1416 ODIN IO SCH Schematic
ODIN 13 NV IO SCH Schematic
Odin AMD 14 16 N 213587 0621 Schematic
ODIN AMD 16V 213586 0617 Schematic
ODIN V16 IO Sch Schematic
Stradale CML H N18E 18835 A00 Schematic
Stradale CML N18P 19749 A00 Schematic
Stradale MLK TGL H 19873-SB Schematic
Stradale MLK TGL H 19876-SA Schematic
STradale TGL H HDI 19876-SB DVT1 2020 Schematic
Watchmen Cyborg AMD 20210122 Schematic
Format: PDF
File Size: 361MB

Dell inspiron 7490 Schematic & Boardview – Dell Vostro 3590 Schematic & Boardview – Compal FDI50 LA-G717P Schematic & Boardview

Schematic for Dell Inspiron 7490, Dell Vostro 3590 Laptop/Notebook, Compal FDI50 LA-G717P Mainboard.
Rev: 1.0
Tag: FDI50 LA-G717P
Total Pages: 50
Format: PDF+CAD
File Size: 2.07MB

New Schematics for S24 Family, M15, F15, A55, A35 is coming thanks to our partner MobileSchematics.com ;)

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